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Fun facts about Germany (Part 1)

Fun facts about Germany
Fun facts about Germany
As all we know, Germans are known as a hard-working and law respected nation. Besides this, we want to share some fun facts regarding their country.

Schultüte: When children enter school, they receive a cone of gifts called the Schultüte. Containing toys or sweets, the cone symbolises entering “serious” life – and a way to ease the stress of being in a strange environment.

Mama Markel: Angela Merkel is a superstar politician in Germany. She’s so famous that toy-maker Mattel created a limited-edition Barbie doll in her likeness.

Oktoberfest: Despite its name, Munich’s massive beer festival Oktoberfest starts in September and is over by the first few days of October.

World’s narrowest street: the City of Reutlingen is home to the world’s narrowest street. At just 31cm wide, Spreuerhofstrasse is not well suited to 4x4s and trucks.

Canals: No city in the world has more canals than the German capital, which hosts 120 miles of waterways. Great for sailing excursions!

Currywurst: Berlin also hosts a museum dedicated solely to Currywurst (curry sausages). That’s no surprise, as Berlin natives eat 70 million of them every year.

No speed limits: Germans famously love cars, and they love to set them free to show what they can do. As a result, there are no speed limits on around 65% of the Autobahn network.


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