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What is the Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung?

What is the Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung?
What is the Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung?

Renting a property in Germany can be a competitive and challenging process. As a tenant, you are competing with other renters for the same property and with tenants with a more robust financial standing. One of the ways to prove your reliability and financial standing is by providing a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung, or rent debt-free certificate.

What is a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung?

A Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung is a document issued by a landlord or their property manager that confirms a tenant’s financial stability. The certificate indicates that the tenant has paid their rent regularly and has no outstanding debts.

Why is a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung important?

When searching for a rental property in Germany, a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung can give you an edge over other applicants. This certificate proves to the prospective landlord that you are financially responsible and reliable. It is especially crucial in areas where demand for affordable rentals is high, and competition among tenants is fierce.

How can you obtain a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung?

If you are a tenant, you can obtain a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung from your landlord or property manager. Alternatively, if you are a subtenant, you can ask the primary tenant for this document. It is important to remember that landlords are not legally required to issue a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung. However, most landlords will provide one upon request if you consistently pay your rent on time.

What should be included in a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung?

A Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung should include the following details:

  • The tenant’s name and address
  • The rental property’s address
  • The rental period
  • The amount of rent paid per month
  • The total amount of rent paid during the rental period
  • Confirmation that there are no outstanding rental debts

It is important to note that some landlords may also include additional information, such as the tenant’s behaviour and overall experience as a tenant.

How to use a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung

When applying for a rental property, you should include your Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung in your Bewerbermappe or application portfolio. This portfolio should consist of all the documents a landlord requires from potential tenants. Some landlords may also need a Schufa credit report, salary statements, and references from previous landlords.


In summary, a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung is an essential document for anyone looking to rent a property in Germany. It proves that you have been a responsible tenant and paid your rent regularly. Furthermore, by providing this certificate to prospective landlords, you can increase your chances of securing your ideal rental property.


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